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• Leasing


What are the advantages of leasing equipment when we have the funds to buy outright ?
Firstly, leasing enables your company to maintain cash flow for other strategic operations.
Secondly, as budgets within the lifesciences industry are notorious for their fluctuations over a period of 3-4 years, leasing enables you to manage your budget accordingly.


What are the advantages of leasing equipment that we will be using for at least ten years ?
Until very recently companies were certain of using their equipment for up to ten years.
However, current technological advances combined with today’s challenging times means that this is no longer a certainty. Those of our clients with equipment that is over five years old find themselves forced to hold onto to it as a result of the depreciation allowances calculated at the time of purchase. Changing the machines today would invariably incur a loss.
Evosciences can help you overcome this problem with its re-financing solutions.


How can one avoid leasing at a loss ?
Leasing whilst incurring a ‘loss’ is not possible with Evosciences. Together we define your likely period of use, and should this change we are able to re-finance the equipment therefore increasing the value of your assets.
For equipment that is less likely to evolve such as (HPLC), we also offer leasing with an end-of-term purchase option.

• Alternative Financial Solutions

I understand the concept but my bank must offer more competitive rates ?
Evosciences is backed by a number of leading financial groups in Montreal, Amsterdam, Paris, London & Frankfurt enabling us to offer extremely competitive financial solutions. The difference between our offers and those of your bank are therefore minimal. Our solutions provide two other major advantages:
We are able to work with your existing financial partners if they share the same accreditation.

Our added value comes into play before the purchase with our ‘Price Market Watch’, during the lease period by our re-financing offer and at the end of the lease by re-selling your equipment.

This is a whole range of services that your bank can’t and won’t offer.


The constructors themselves offer their own financial solutions, what is the difference ?
As in the automobile and IT world certain manufacturers prefer leasing their equipment as opposed to selling it. As such they benefit twice from the same product, with the initial sale of the equipment to their financial partner and with the future sale of the machine when you

Whilst it is possible to compare different suppliers before acquiring the equipment, this is then no longer an option once the leasing period has begun.
Evosciences, both vendor and distributor independent is the only company to offer this flexibility.

• Financial Solutions from Evosciences

What is the link between the financing side of the business and the other activities of the group ?
The three activities: Price Market Watch, Financing & Re-financing are separate yet very complimentary.

With our ‘Price Market Watch’ we are able to provide you with pertinent information prior to acquiring equipment.
Our Financial Solutions give you flexible payment plans enabling you to upgrade during the lease contract.
Our re-marketing offer enables you to increase the value of your equipment both during and after its utilization period.


Would I not be better off working with a larger, more established company ?
The big advantage of Evosciences is its network of highly specialized professionals. The different people (consultants, business developers etc.) work for you as a team yet they are independent as cost centers. All of these people are tied with an exclusive contract to Evosciences, which helps to ensure the longevity of the company.
Large financial institutions partner Evosciences. These partners back all financial operations and our relationship with these institutions is totally transparent for our clients.
This structure provides high efficiency with the absence of highcosts.


'Price Market Watch’, is this not duplicating the activities of my purchasing department ?
Evosciences never interferes with your purchasing department.EVOSCIENCES supplies market information based on its knowledge of global transactions.
The market information we are able to provide (Current pricing, buying strategies, end of line products, special offers, availability of used equipment) is available to your buyers to help them build solid buying strategies.
Equally, our vendor independent status guarantees that our market information is completely objective.

• Used equipment

Who installs your used equipment ?
Our used equipment are reconditioned and installed by the original manufacturer.


Are there likely to be any problems with the manufacturer if I install used
equipment ?
The manufacturers install and maintain all equipment delivered by Evosciences. There is absolutely no difference with having the equipment installed by the manufacturer.